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XADO's Maximum Strength Formula: FriktionTek® Concentrated Ceramic Treatments for Cars, Trucks & SUVs


Loss of power and compression

Smoking, burning oil or emission problems

Poor gas mileage

Noise and vibration in engine, transmission, differentials and power steering

Slipping transmission / difficulty in shifting

Low oil pressure

Power steering difficulties

Cold starts / difficulties starting



FriktionTek® by XADO is the best engine and transmission treatment ever created for improving your car's overall performance. The technology combines the best attributes of ceramics and metals to reduce friction, heat and wear.

Extends Part Life: As FriktionTek® by XADO works, it "customizes" the tolerances in each unique assembly, resulting in smoother operation.

Economical Repair: Our 1 stage XADO Formula works while you drive. This means no down time.

Fuel Economy: FriktionTek® by XADO can reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption. Fuel savings of 10% to 15% is very common. Even brand new vehicles typically see an improvement in gas mileage up to 5%.

Performance: Our XADO Metal Conditioner will make your car's motor run more smoothly. It also works to improve engine compression. The result is a smoother, quieter engine with more power.

The Environment: FriktionTek® by XADO works to improve the tolerances in your engine, reducing exhaust emissions dramatically in a remarkably short time. We have documented carbon monoxide being reduced as much as 82%.

Safety: FrikionTek by XADO works where there is excess friction. As the friction becomes less, the process is stopped. It is self limiting. FriktionTek® by XADO is inert with respect to fuels and lubricants. It does not interact with them or change their properties in any way.